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SPF Roofing Systems provide these benefits to building owners.


    * Can easily reslope or fill low spots on flat roofs

    * Leak free monolithic seal over your entire roof deck

    * High insulation value / Rapid payback with energy savings

    * Strong adhesion and wind uplift resistance

    * Weather resistant

    * Lightweight and high strength



But the two most prominent benefits are insulation and sealing. The closed cell polyurethane foam provides the highest insulation value of all comparable products, while the spray-in-place nature of the product allows the foam to fill, seal and fully adhere to the roof deck. The foam is protected from UV degradation by silicone or acrylic coatings. Granules may be added to the coating top coat to yield higher performance.


SPF systems can be applied on all standard types of low slope roofs; roofs decks constructed of wood, concrete and steel. In roof re-covering applications it can be applied directly over many roof constructions


Why you should choose SPF roofing systems:

Because it is


    * The best insulation material, SPF yield an R value = 6 / inch.

    * Spray-in-place, closed cell foam provides a monolithic barrier, the highest

       performing seal in roofing.

    * Fully adhered SPF prevents the need for fasteners that can rob a roof thermal

       performance (up to 21% with fasteners at 1 per 2 SF). Further these fastener

       penetrations through the deck can be problematic in the roof sealing


    * Third party inspections are conducted to insure the quality of roof installed.

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