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Please note that in the pictures above, this is not your end result in typical construction. These pictures are a very good example of poor construction whereas there are many gaps. It truly does define the energy efficiency of utilizing pour foam as it has found every air infiltration in this home and has filled every void giving this homeowner a tighter home. This homeowner was already going to replace his siding before we started this job. This result is not typical but is a very good example proving that pour foam, and spray foam insulation is still the best method to sealing your home and providing you with the highest R-value in the market.

Please double click on any image to enlarge it. This is a pour foam application to the exterior walls of the home. This particular application is beneficial to older homes that have minimal to no insulation and homes that do not have open cavities. During this process, we gain access from either the interior or exterior of the home depending on the clients preference.



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