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For nearly six decades, this insulation has built a solid performance record in commercial and industrial applications. It is used for spray foam roofing and insulation, also contributed to making sofa cushions, car dashboards, carpet padding, etc, and its insulating properties have made it ideal for refrigerator walls, tanks, refrigerated tractor trailers, and the home building envelope.


Recently, savvy homebuyers have become aware of the advantages, payback times, and investment value of home energy efficiency measures, especially those improving the efficiency of the building envelope. In addition, the spray foam industry has made major advances in the chemical composition and durability of the foam. Moreover, improvements in spray foam application technology have decreased installation costs, bringing this type of insulation system within the reach of the residential homeowner.



How it works:

The installer fabricates the foam on-site according to manufacturer’s instructions. He or she brings the application equipment and the foam’s chemical components to the home-building site, where framing, electrical, and plumbing are complete, and exterior siding encloses the home. A controlled reaction among a number of mixed chemicals, a blowing agent, and some other additives get proportioned, heated and pressurized. When the components leave the proportioning unit it goes through a heated hose assembly and reaches a specially designed foam gun. When the gun is triggered the foam components get mixed in a chamber within the gun and are then released as a mixed plural component foam compound. The liquid covers the surface desired and the foam expands to fill crevices and the space chosen to be insulated. The fully cured and expanded foam is then trimmed back if necessary. The exposed surfaces of the rigid foam resemble a hard tan colored shaving cream.

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