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For all you DIY consumers, we have done some research to save you some time and money down the road... sometimes it is better to leave it to the experts.



In today's difficult economy, homeowner's are always looking to save some money on their home's maintenance projects by choosing to do it themselves. Companies target this particular audience and misrepresent the facts to these potential customers. Partly because they prey on those who either have a modest pocketbook or do not have enough information to make an educated decision.


Cutting Edge Spray Foam Services, Inc. has done our homework! We have found in one of our supplier's catalogs that they offer a (2) component spray foam kit that will allow a homeowner to spray 605 board feet for the cost of $799.95. Take this little exercise into consideration before you decide to go this route:


Typically if you purchase (3) kits at $799.95, which will give you a coverage area of 1,815 board feet at 1" thick, it will cost you $2,399.85.


If Cutting Edge Spray Foam Services, Inc. came to your house and professionally sprayed your house, it would cost you $1,869.45 for the same 1,815 board feet at 1" thick.


That is a savings to the homeowner of $530.40 that will remain in your pocket! You will not have the burden of prepping your home prior to spraying or the clean up when you finish. You will be able to rest peacefully knowing that you not only saved some money but the project was done efficiently and effectively.


"Your Home Needs Foam" ®

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