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Twenty Four Key Benefits of Spray Foam

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Spray Foam Benefits

Why spray foam now?

Here are twenty-four excellent reasons why your home needs foam:

   1. Lower energy bills

   2. Better indoor quality

   3. Reduce noise

   4. Noticeably more comfortable

   5. Cutting Edge Spray foam offers an open-cell spray foam insulation, which

       outperforms other types of insulation. The combination of the superior

       insulation performance of open-cell spray foam and properly sized heating and

       Air conditioning systems results in controllable indoor air quality and healthier


   6. It dramatically reduces the infiltration/exhilaration of unconditioned air

   7. Open-cell spray foam from Cutting Edge Spray Foam is a Class 1 Fire rated

      material and can reduce sound transmission properties over a broad range

   8. The conditions for the proliferation of molds and mildews can be alleviated

   9. Our open-cell spray foam is a totally water blown semi-rigid polyurethane foam

       insulation system, which simultaneously insulates and air-seals

  10. Spray foam insulation has been designed specifically to make homes more

       energy efficient, comfortable, quiet and less dusty

  11. Spray foam insulation from Cutting Edge Spray Foam seals cracks, joints, which

        prevents uncontrolled movement of air through the wall assemblies

  12. Contains no ozone depletion chemicals, no formaldehyde or asbestos

  13. No toxic substances are emitted. Passed the established off gassing tests

  14. Expandable spray foam insulation can easily envelope and seal any surface area

  15. Resolves most challenging installation issues (hard to reach areas, etc.)

  16. Will not shrink or settle

  17. Spray foam is strong and rigid and adds structural integrity

  18. Inhibits insect penetration

  19. Seals cracks from unwanted gas and odors

  20. Stops drafts

  21. Architectural design freedom

  22. Reduces maintenance costs by eliminating air infiltrated moisture problems

        while dramatically lowering the size and operating cost of HVAC equipment

  23. The spray foam is a construction adhesive and expands fast to adhese to wood

        or steel and doesn't come off

  24. Anywhere air can infiltrate the house, the sprayfoam can create a barrier that

        keeps heat in and cold out

Lower Your Bills

Stop Drafts

"Your Home Needs Foam" ®