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About Cutting Edge Spray Foam Services, Inc.

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Cutting Edge Spray Foam Services, Inc.

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Saugerties, NY 12477


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Please allow me to introduce myself and give you some background information. My name is Douglas Haeberer and I am the owner/operator of Cutting Edge Spray Foam Services Inc.  I have been in the spray foam business independently for over nine years and was previously involved for three and a half years in spray foam applications.


Thirty years ago when foam was not fully understood, I was spraying flat roof systems mainly on commercial sites. People thought we were crazy, but look how far foam has come! Today, architects, engineers and builders are realizing the house as a system, not a structure. Vast majorities of people are recognizing the energy saving benefits and the promotion of healthier air quality found in the home after spray foam applications and proper air exchange systems.


I entered back into the spray foam business after being an independent building/renovation contractor for fourteen years to provide insulation for clients that would like to save the maximum amount on their heating and cooling bills, while providing structural integrity, soundproofing, air sealing, and to allow my clients to be able to achieve the maximum efficiency of a home as a system. Spray foam has become the most effective form of insulation known to date. My products offer a supreme air barrier; vapor retarder and can achieve the highest R-value per inch possible.


CE Sprayfoam Services, Inc. holds the following certifications:

TPR coatings certification for thermal and ignition barriers

LaPolla Certification in open cell, closed cell and roofing applications

Demilec Certification in open cell, closed cell and both open and closed cell pour foam

Henry Certification in open cell and closed cell

Certainteed Certification in open and closed cell

Premium Certification in open and closed cell

SPFA Certified Project Manager


CE Sprayfoam Services, Inc.  offers quality service, complete clean up and cutback, plan take-offs, and provides you with the best energy efficient and effective insulation system available on the market today. We furnish both 2lb.,1.8lb closed cell and. 5lb. open cell foam applications as well as open and closed cell pour foam applications.



We specialize in the following:

Spray on ignition and thermal barriers

Closed cell roofing for flat roofs with acrylic,

silicone and polyurea coatings

Open and closed cell spray foam

Open and closed cell pour foam

Interior wall soundproofing

Cold storage facilities

Rim joists

Crawlspace encapsulation

Doggie foam domes / igloos and various

artistic projects only limited to the imagination





Some of our projects have included working on the restoration of the Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY. We also participated with new construction of the Plattsburgh fire departments, as well as numerous new residential homes and renovations. CE Sprayfoam prides itself on professional installations as well as the best applications for your project and strives to meet the homeowners’ and building inspectors needs.

Eco Friendly

Spray foam is the most environmentally responsible insulation on the planet!

Spray foam is the only type of insulation that can dramatically contribute to reducing your home's carbon footprint. Conserving energy in your home is conserving our earth.

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Stop wasting money while your heating

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